We're Still Here!

In the face of the shifting sands of the pandemic and life, it's hard to keep this site as up to date as we would wish...

But, you're in luck!  The LOCS Facebook Page has current info on it!  Please stop over and check on what's going on, we have the usual monthly meetings and happy hours, just occasionally they change at the last minute.

November Monthly Meeting - 11/25 on Zoom!

Our next monthly meeting is coming up VIRTUALLY at 7PM on Wednesday November 25th!  We'll meet on Zoom, email us for the link!

We'll have the meeting up around 6:45 if you want to check your connection or get there early...  "Officially" there will be a social half-hour at 7:00, followed by the meeting at 7:30!

The agenda is posted in Google Drive.   If you have events or items you want to be sure are added, send an email.

All current and prospective members are welcome at our monthly meetings! (Come down and say hi!)

Fall Highway Cleanup - 10/17 at Morgan's

Coming up soon...  at 10AM on October 17th is our Fall Highway Cleanup!  Meet at Morgan's in Pine Bluff 8640 W Mineral Point Rd, corner of Mineral Point (Cty S) and County P.

We'll carefully social distance and pick up trash.  Please bring masks (and of course you wear gloves picking up trash anyway!)  Bring work gloves, long pants and boots are recommended because it can be muddy along the road.

Morgan's bar interior may be closed, but they have carry-out food, we can order by phone for "pickup" if we need to.  Bring a cooler and drinks just in case, hopefully we can find a place to safely and distantly eat and drink and meet "together" after.

Weather is getting unpredictable, if it's rainy and cold, keep your eye out for more information!

If you find the shaker (of salt -- maybe not full) turn it in for a free drink (eventually)!

Public, current, past and future members are always welcome!

Events and "Save-the-dates": 


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