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Southern Wisconsin Parrot Head Club

Welcome to our beach house on the web!

We meet at 7:30PM on the last Wednesday of the month in the Grotto at Angelo's in Monona (5801 Monona Dr), and have Social Happy Hours once a month -- see the calendar for this month's Happy Hour location!

2018 LOCS Holiday Party - 12/19 at Angelo's!

November Monthly Meeting - 7PM 11/28 at Angelo's!

November Happy Hour - 11/8 at The Ohio Tavern

October Monthly Meeting - 7PM 10/24 at Angelo's!


2018 LOCS Chili Cook-off

September Monthly Meeting - 7PM 9/26 at Angelo's!

August Monthly Meeting - 7PM 8/29 at Angelo's!

Summer Highway Cleanup and July Monthly Meeting - 6PM 7/25 at Morgan's

July Happy Hour - 7/12 at Crystal Corner Bar!

June Monthly Meeting 6/27, Christmas in July 6/30!

June Happy Hour - 6/14 at Christy's Landing!

May Monthly Meeting 7PM on 5/30 at Angelo's!

April Monthly Meeting 7PM on 4/25, Highway Cleanup 4/28!

April Happy Hour - 4/12 at Varsity Bar & Grill

March Monthly Meeting 7PM on 3/28 at Angelo's!

February Monthly Meeting 7PM on 2/28 at Angelo's!

February Happy Hour - 2/8 at Crystal Corner

January Monthly Meeting 7PM on 1/31 at Angelo's!

January Happy Hour - 1/11 at Breakwater!