Fall Highway Cleanup 9/23 and Monthly Meeting 9/27

The Fall Highway Cleanup is coming up this weekend!

On Saturday, 9/23, meet at 10AM at Morgan's in Pine Bluff, 8640 W Mineral Point Rd, corner of Mineral Point (Cty S) and County P.

In the event of rain, we will still clean. If there is lightning, we'll reschedule.

Bring work gloves, long pants and boots are recommended because it can be muddy along the road. You never know, you might find the lost shaker of salt and get a prize!

On it's heels, Wednesday 9/27 is the next Monthly Meeting!  

We're meeting at 7PM on Wednesday September 27th in the Grotto at Angelo's in Monona (5801 Monona Dr).

There will be a social half-hour at 7:00, followed by the meeting at 7:30.

Dues are overdue, don't forget to bring your checkbook!

The agenda will be posted when it's available! If you have events or items you want to be sure are added, send an email!

All members and prospective members are welcome!


September Happy Hour Friday, Pub Plunder Saturday!

Just a reminder that the September Happy Hour is coming up FRIDAY, September 15th!  

We'll be meeting for a pot-luck near Michael's tree in Baxter Park (777 Englehart Dr, Madison), the tree is on the West end of the park, near the intersection of Englehart Dr and Ward Ct. Bring your own food and drink (and chair), and little extra to share!

We'll be meeting around 5:30 to catch the sun, but don't worry if you can't come until a bit later!

When the light and temperature fade from the park, we'll retire to Gwen's house (right around the corner) for campfire and s'mores! Send us a message to info@locs-buffett.org if you need Gwen's address and directions!

In case of rain, Gwen reports she has a good screen porch and living room that she'll trust us in!

Hot on it's heels, SATURDAY, September 16th is the Annual Pirate Pub Plunder on the square, starting at 6PM at ARRRRgus!

Time to dust off your best piratey attire and have another pub crawl! As always, bring 10 dubloons (which, amazingly have a 1:1 exchange rate with US Dollars) to donate to the Dane County Humane Society and to get beads. And be prepared to solicit donations from people who are wondering what we're all about.

Possible/Likely stops**:


As always, subject to change due to:

  • Getting lost
  • Getting held up at any particular bar
  • Deciding we don't want to stay at a particular bar
  • Getting distracted and going into other places by accident
  • Sea monsters

Pay attention to the LOCS Facebook Page and the Pirate Pub Plunder Event if you are looking for us..  until we start to forget to update it!

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