October Monthly Meeting - 10/29 at Angelo's!

Our next monthly meeting is coming up in just over a week!  We're meeting at 7PM on October 29th in the Grotto at Angelo's in Monona (5801 Monona Dr).

There will be a social half-hour at 7:00, followed by the meeting at 7:30.

Many folks will be in Key West for Meeting of the Minds, so please submit your nominations for board memberships ahead of time via email to locsbuffett@gmail.com!  More information here!

The agenda will be posted when it's available!  If you have events or items you want to be sure are added, send an email!

All members and prospective members are welcome!

Run, Run, Run for the LOCS Board!

Are you interested in helping run the club?  Curious about the machinery that makes the club tick?  Run for the board!

Board memberships are elected by the membership and serve two-year terms starting January 1st, with half of the board changing every year.

Open board positions (and the Bylaws definitions) this year:

  • Secretary - The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and shall furnish copies via email to all members in advance of the following stated meeting. He or she shall maintain an archive of minutes online for general consumption. He or she is responsible for the official record of attendance, volunteer hours and monetary charitable donations, in conjunction with Volunteering Director and Membership Director.
  • Membership Director - The Membership Director is responsible for welcoming new members to the club, tracking membership status of members and sending membership renewal notices. The Membership Director is also responsible for membership recruiting and for maintaining the membership form. The Membership Director is the chair of the Membership Committee.
  • Social Director - The Social Director shall coordinate all LOCS/SWPHC Phlockings, Road Trips, Happy Hours and any other social events. He or she is responsible for accounting with the Treasurer for all costs of any events and ensuring smooth operation of events. He or she is responsible for tracking attendance at social events and reporting to the Secretary. The Social Director is the chair of the Social Committee.
  • Volunteering Director - The Volunteering Director is responsible for finding and encouraging club participation in volunteer opportunities, liaising (in conjunction with the President and Treasurer) with charitable organizations to which we donate time or money, and tracking time and money given to charity to report to the Secretary. The Volunteering Director is the chair of the Volunteering Committee.

Please nominate yourself or someone else (subject to their acceptance) via email to locsbuffett@gmail.com.  Nominations are due before or at the October Membership Meeting for voting at the November Membership Meeting (or by absentee ballot)!

We'd love to have you join us at the table and keep the club vibrant and healthy!  (And learn the secret handshake!)

2014 LOCS Chili Cook-Off - October 10th!

The 2014 LOCS Chili Cook-off and bonfire date is set for Friday, October 10th at Mary's house!

Bring your best chili or soup and compete for prizes!  Breads, deserts and other foods always welcome for a break from the hot stuff!

Email locsbuffett@gmail.com if you need the address or directions!

Fall Highway Cleanup - This Saturday!

LOCS Highway Cleanup SmallestThe fall highway cleanup is upon us this weekend!

Bring work gloves, long pants and boots are recommended because it can be muddy along the road.Meet at 10AM on Saturday (10/4) at Morgan's in Pine Bluff, 8640 W Mineral Point Rd, corner of Mineral Point (Cty S) and County P.  We'll grab a quick lunch at Morgan's after we clean.

In case of rain, we'll meet at 10AM on Sunday (10/5).

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