November Monthly Meeting - 7PM on 11/28 at Angelo's!

Our next monthly meeting is coming up in just over a week! We're meeting at 7PM on November 28th at Angelo's in Monona (5801 Monona Dr).

Please send in nominations for the elections to Steve, yourself or someone else (you might want to check with him or her first), Secretary, Membership Director, Volunteering Director and Social Director are up for a vote! Check the bylaws (pages 2 and 3) for descriptions!  We'll be voting at the meeting!

Also, time to start working on your gifts for the exchange at the Holiday party, coming up December 12th at Angelo's!

There will be a social half-hour at 7:00, followed by the meeting at 7:30.

All members and prospective members are welcome!

November Happy Hour - 6PM on 11/2 at Chief's Tavern

The November Happy Hour is Friday 11/2 (yes, a week early -- the Party in Paradise at Cheeseburger on 11/10 is pre-empting the regular Happy Hour) at Chief's Tavern (formerly Packer Inn, 300 Cottage Grove Road in Madison).  Chuck Bayuk is playing tunes, and pizzas can be ordered from Buck's Pizza across the street!

The party starts at 6:00!

All members and prospective members are welcome!

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