Pre-Buffett Party at Mary's 9/2

It's Buffett Concert time again, so it's time for the annual pre-party at Mary's house the night before (9/2)!

Enchiladas and Margaritas are provided, bring an appetizer/desert to pass, and beverages you desire and gather around the campfire in Mary's yard to relax before the show!  Email if you need the address or directions!

The party will swing in to action around 6:30PM and go until it's over!  (Bearing in mind most people have to get up for the show on Saturday..)

August Happy Hour - WEDNESDAY 8/10 at Christy's Landing!

The August Happy Hour is coming up this week!  It's WEDNESDAY 8/10 at Christy's Landing! (2952 Waubesa Avenue, on the West shore of Lake Waubesa).
The party starts around 6:00!
All members and prospective members are welcome!


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