Southern Wisconsin Parrot Head Club

Welcome to our beach house on the web!

We meet at 7:30PM on the last Wednesday of the month in the Grotto at Angelo's in Monona (5801 Monona Dr), and have Social Happy Hours once a month -- see the calendar for this month's Happy Hour location!

2009 Board Members

Kelly Zagrodnik
Past President:
Rick Werre
Mary Frahm
Gwen Hannes
Michael Hannes


  • Scott Wagner
  • Matt "Biz" Blasinski
Club Founder: Tommy "Grand McCaw" Mader

(A note on how the email addresses on this page are encoded to avoid spam: It is using a technique "borrowed" from tillate. In a nutshell, the JavaScript un-rot13's the email address, which is rot13'd in the script (for example, in the first entry, qbg98_1999@lnubb.pb is the email address.)


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