Buffett at Alpine on 6/25 - 6 Days!

Six days to 'till the Big Top Tour hits Alpine! Get packing and ready!

  • If you think you're on the bus and haven't heard from anybody, check with your "leader" (probably the person who wrote the check), if that fails, email Rick to make sure. If you're looking for a bus, sorry, ours is full.
  • If you are on the bus and haven't signed up to bring something, or haven't heard from us about what we need, contact Biz to check on the list.

If you're not coming on the bus but you'll be at the show, look for us in the parking lot. We'll be getting there early (look toward the front) in a Badger Bus with the LOCS banners flying! We'll have games and prizes (drinks, what else!), so come on down!

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