Proposed New By-laws Available

I've finally gotten the time to put the proposed new by-laws online. There are four files:

LOCS By-Laws Changes Summary - 2010-08-31.pdf
An overview list of the changes made. Not a list of all changes, but a line-by-line review of what has changed.
LOCS By-Laws - Markup - 2010-08-31.pdf
The proposed bylaws, shown as changes to the original bylaws. Produced from Microsoft Word with "Track Changes" turned on.
LOCS By-Laws - Final - 2010-08-31.pdf
The proposed bylaws as a clean copy, not showing the changes (easier to read for proofreading and overall comprehension).
LOCS Election Timeline - 2010-08-31.pdf
A visualization of the election and officers in a timeline. I found it helpful in comprehending when the elections should happen.

You should be able to view them online and print them or download them. If you like, you can open the folder and view all of the files.

If you are having problems, or would like individual copies emailed to you, email us. Likewise, please email us any suggestions.

Be prepared to discuss and bring any proposed changes to our next meeting, 7:30PM on Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 at the Vintage Brewing Company (formerly JT Whitney's) at the corner of Odana Rd and Whitney Way.

For reference, if you are looking for the current by-laws, they are available as a selection in the bar on the right, or click here.

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