Southern Wisconsin Parrot Head Club

Welcome to our beach house on the web!

We meet at 7:30PM on the last Wednesday of the month in the Grotto at Angelo's in Monona (5801 Monona Dr), and have Social Happy Hours once a month -- see the calendar for this month's Happy Hour location!

October Monthly Meeting - 7PM on 10/27 at Angelos

Our next monthly meeting is coming up in a week! We're meeting at 7PM on October 27th at Angelo's in Monona (5801 Monona Dr). We'll be trying it out as a possible new meeting place!

Bring your nominations for the elections, yourself or someone else (you might want to check with him or her first), Secretary, Membership Director, Volunteering Director and Social Director are up for a vote! Check the bylaws (pages 2 and 3) for descriptions!

There will be a social half-hour at 7:00, followed by the meeting at 7:30.

All members and prospective members are welcome!


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