2012 I Shot Six Holes in My Freezer!

The Loyal Order of the Caribbean Soul is pleased to announce the...

4802 Tradewinds Parkway, Madison, WI 53718 (608) 221-8100 / (800) 4CHOICE
Price: FREE!  (BYO!)
- Rooms (regardless of size) are $85
- There are a number of rooms right along the pool, so we'll be able to use those as hospitality rooms for the party (food, drinks, auction, etc). We'll also have the rooms on the first floor in the corridor closest to the pool area
- but make sure to reserve your room by January 28th so you're in that block!
- There's no bar or restaurant at the hotel, so we'll bring our own food and drinks! NO GLASSWARE BY THE POOL!
- There is, however, continental breakfast provided.
- There will be plenty of tropical music to get you in the mood (for what, well, that's up to you).
- There will be games and raffles and tom-foolery in and around the pool!
- And best of all, the pool area is open 24 hours, so the party won't have to stop!
- Checkin is 3pm and checkout is 11am.

Make a reservation early to ensure a spot, and our block closest to the pool releases January 28th.

Tell them you're with the "Parrotheads". (608) 221-8100 / (800) 4CHOICE

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