Pirate Pub Plunder - Uncharterd Course! Tonight!

Ahoy mateys! Again we be settin sail fer an adventure filled with rum, grog, scallywags, and treasure (okay, maybe only treasure in the sense of doubloons leaving yer pocket)! In years past, we be chartin a course fer the evening, but this year, all we be makin plans to do is assemble our crew at The Bayou New Orlean's Style Tavern at 5:30.

From there, we be sailing wherever the seas take us, wherever we decide to anchor, whatever ports we intend to plunder, wherever we run ashore… But we'll end at Genna's Lounge around midnight, because we can't drift far or in a straight line!

I think ye be getting my point - that be no specific route this year. As always, we'll raise some money for our furry mateys, so be bringin $10 with ye (cash, check, doubloons accepted) for the Dane County Humane Society, and help us collect more treasure from landlubbers along the way!

Possible destinations between The Bayou and Genna's: The ARRRGus, Rigby, Maduro, WOOF'SThe Great Dane, Madison's, Brocach Irish Pub, and maybe as far as The Coopers Tavern.

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