Chili Cook-off Friday (10/9) and Highway Cleanup Saturday (10/10)!

Right on the heels of the Chili Cook-off on Friday October 9th (click for more information), Saturday (10/10) is the Fall Highway Clean-up!

On Saturday, 10/10, meet at 10:30AM at Morgan's in Pine Bluff, 8640 W Mineral Point Rd, corner of Mineral Point (Cty S) and County P.  Arrive early for a drink before we clean!

There is much construction on the beltline and still some Mineral Point Rd, be sure to leave early!

In the event of rain, we will still clean. If there is lightning, we'll reschedule cleaning to Sunday 10/11.

Bring work gloves, long pants and boots are recommended because it can be muddy along the road.  You never know, you might find the lost shaker of salt and get a prize!

SAVE THE DATE: 12/5 - MAPA Toys for Tots Holiday Luau in Milwaukee!

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