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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some PHIP History and the return of the Silver Chalice

Taken from the January-March 2010 Tradewind Times

On April 1, 1989 approximately 15 Parrot Heads met at Chastain Park (the site of many previous Buffett concerts in Atlanta) for the first official Parrot Head Club meeting, then headed to a local patio bar for margaritas.

By the end of 1992, clubs had emerged in Beaumont, Dallas, New York City, Orlando , Detroit, and New Orleans. The First Annual Parrot Head Convention, or "Meeting of the Minds" as it is fondly referred to, was organized by Jerry Diaz of the Beaumont club to take place in New Orleans, Louisiana , home of the newest Margaritaville Store & Cafe, in late December 1992.

Approximately 80 people attended and all had a fantastic time. After all expenses were deducted from the collected registration fees, $200 was left over and donated to New Orleans Artists Against Hunger & Homelessness. The clubs also "honored" Jimmy Buffett with the "Silver Chalice" lifetime achievement award, which can still be seen high over the register at the Margaritaville store.

In an effort to recognize and pay tribute to some of the people who’ve made significant contributions to the "ParrotHead Nation" over the years and helped craft this organization into what it has become today, the PHiP Board has voted to resurrect the Silver Chalice Lifetime Achievement Award as an annual presentation at Meeting of the Minds.

The award will be presented annually with nominations coming from the general PHiP chapter membership. Further details, including qualification criteria and nomination process will be forthcoming.

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