Wisconsin Trop Rock in June!

Wisconsin will be trop rockin' in June! Capped off with Jimmy Buffett on June 26th at Alpine Valley:

The second week of June in nearby (for various definitions of nearby), Rochester, MN, Brent Burns plays on Thursday, June 17th at Thursdays on First and Third and Trop rockin' Rochester at Kahler Grand Hotel is hosting Brent Burns and Jim Hoehn on Friday, June 18th and Saturday, June 19th.

The first week of July finds Scott Kirby at Giovanni's in Rockford, IL on July 2nd, Key Wester in Naperville, IL on July 3rd and at Sky View Lodge in Presque Isle, WI on July 5th.

(Still looking for tickets to Alpine? Give Live Nation a try -- as of this writing there are a number of single seats available in the pavillion.)

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