2011 Alpine Buffett Bus Details

(Better late than never...)

If you haven't already signed up for the bus, it's too late, we're full.

We are meeting the bus in from the usual location. The bus is leaving at 10:30AM sharp, as there is construction and a bridge or two out near Alpine and we need as much time as we can get to get there. The bus will be there to load at 10AM.

Things to bring:

  • Food to pass around.
  • Drinks for yourself (and maybe a couple to share if you're nice).
  • A small cooler of drinks for the bus (it must fit by your feet -- the bus is full!)
  • Food for the bus there and back (we won't be stopping!)
  • A lanyard, lei, or something else to hang your laminate from.
  • A camp chair, if you wish to sit! (you probably will, we'll be there for a while.)

If you have any questions, email us, especially if you haven't heard from Rick and you think you're on the bus.

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